Those who can.

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These are two fests that we are playing.



Columns shirt available.

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It looks like this.




Advice From Yama C-60.

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advice from yama cover

Advice From Yama cassette.

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An infinitely long cycle of recordings presented in the C-60 format, demonstrating the evolution of one song, with supplemental materials. In 2005, Running For Cover was writing for a split LP with The Endless Blockade, thus the genesis of “Modern Vision”. Several years later, Gas Chamber made the decision to re-initiate its development, recorded a preliminary attempt with Mr. Ski-Mask in 2008, and later the 13-minute 7” with five members. More work culminated in a 30-minute “Modern Vision” performed by eight members, two levels underground on the Amherst St. Metro Station subway platform, a few feet from passing trains. Advice From Yama collects these as well as from the unreleased 2013 demo, Hemorrhaging Light outtakes, and the third iteration of “Light Trapped”.

Pro-dubbed Cobalt cassette, silk screened slip cover, digital download code, sticker. Limited to 200 copies first pressing. $5.00 plus shipping.


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It is now possible to listen to and purchase Kairos Will Erase digitally.

Something For You.

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Iron Lung and Gas Chamber West Coast Tour. Cassette Update.

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IRON LUNG//GAS CHAMBER west coast tour 2016
All shows are all ages.
21 – San Francisco @TBA w/Mozart
22 – Los Angeles @The Safari w/Lock, Mynx. 9pm
23 – Phoenix @51W w/Lusitania, Humiliation, Dayak. 8pm
24 – Fresno @TBA w/
25 – Oakland @Hella Vegan Eats w/Sterile Mind, Rut. And a special screening of One Scythe Fits All. 7:30pm.
26 – Santa Rosa @TBA w/Acrylics
28 – Portland @Black Water w/Dreamdecay, U-Nix. 8pm
29 – Seattle @Black Lodge w/Endorphins Lost, Newlywed. 8:30pm
30 – Olympia @Obsidian w/Dreamdecay, Jaeng. 9pm

Advice From Yama will be released on October 16th.
A careful 60 minute cassette.

Man In The Cafe 2016.

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August: one with INTENSIVE CARE in Buffalo.
September: three with FULL OF HELL/THE BODY in Buffalo, Boston, NYC.
October: west coast tour with our other friends.
Recordings: Split 7″ with D.O.C. being mastered. New 60-minute cassette out in autumn, focused on archival materials and “Modern Vision” period primarily. The John Elton Smith film is undergoing continued laboring.
Future: Our third flexi 7″ is likely to be released in 2017, while the split 12″ with TRTRKMMR is in the process of being written. It is possible to expect the latter in 2018.
2016-09-08 boston