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So that we’ll always be with you.

Posted in Gas Chamber on September 23, 2010 by the members

We have these items available today:

self-titled 12″
linoleum print band poster
medium shirt
small shirt
screen print gig poster

See “Contact” for email.



Posted in Gas Chamber on September 21, 2010 by the members

imposed role of harbinger
carrying word of the sentence home
silent symbol of resolution
nothing will not ever end
not always the powerful who can survive

the pigeon flies staring outward
what they see is that what we cannot
avian witness to broad perspective
lugubrious, stoic, but never alone

sapien will farcically self-exterminate
spending time marveling at itself, marveling at nothing
laboriously constructing machines chasing obsolescence
biding time with fruitless endeavors and genocide

arrogance is as transparent as sleeping lucidity
infinity hourglass all moments kairos will erase
nothing proving people were ever even here