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Midwest shows and news.

Posted in Gas Chamber on April 22, 2011 by the members

Gas Chamber has the following dates planned:

14 May 2011: BUFFALO, NY @ Polish Library
15 May 2011: CLEVELAND, OH @ Now That’s Class
16 May 2011: COLUMBUS, OH @ Skylab
17 May 2011: DAYTON, OH @ Gates of Hell
18 May 2011: BLOOMINGTON, IN @ The Bishop
20 May 2011: MILWAUKEE, WI @ Cactus Club
21 May 2011: MADISON, WI @ Subvert City

See shows page for more info.

“Corpse With Levity” 7″ is at the plant. This record includes six songs by three of the members of Gas Chamber. It will be possible to acquire this record beginning at the time of the Midwest tour, along with the untitled flexi 7″ whose content is instrumental.

“Modern Vision of the Erect Nightmare” has been developing for six years, and we plan to record this 7″ on Mayday weekend 2011.  The manifestation of the song is vastly different than anyone is accustomed to. This record will feature the five-piece lineup as seen at recent live performances of the material.