Corpse With Levity 7″ and flexi.

Six new songs; the product of two years of consideration and fermentation of ideas. A collaborative effort with the American folk artist Colossus of Roads, in which he created artwork demonstrating the subject of the music. Topics explored begin to create an arc as gnosticism, the pigeon as witness to human folly and social disease are dwelled on from the perspective of kairos. The vocals swell like a jug of rotten fluids prepared to spray indiscriminately, over drums that have become sick and mangled from the fall of hammers, while the bass and guitar have discovered each other as mitigating amongst a parade of obscene daily circumstances. “Prone”

A companion noise piece from the “Corpse” recording session. Clear artwork over clear flexidisc, on which one may observe a party captured while taking in the scene. Available exclusively from Gas Chamber.


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