08 April 2017 (SEATTLE, WA) What We Like @ Vera Project w/ Black Iron Prison (collaboration), Una Bèstia Incontrolable, Rakta, Wound Man, Gag, Roht
07 April 2017 (SEATTLE, WA) What We Like @ Black Lodge w/ Black Iron Prison, Behavior, Private Room

05 April 2017 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Sugar City w/ Hero Dishonest, Facility Men, Gun Candy

07 January 2017 (TORONTO, ON, Canada) Slave To The Grind @ Velvet Underground w/ Siege, P.L.F., Deche-Charge, more

30 October 2016 (OLYMPIA, WA) @ Obsidian w/ Iron Lung, Criminal Code, Deprogram
29 October 2016 (SEATTLE, WA) @ Black Lodge w/ Iron Lung, Endorphins Lost, Newlywed
28 October 2016 (PORTLAND, OR) @ Black Water w/ Iron Lung, Dreamdecay, U-Nix
26 October 2016 (SANTA ROSA, CA) @ 6th Street Playhouse w/ Iron Lung, Acrylics, OVVN
25 October 2016 (OAKLAND, CA) @ Hella Vegan w/ Iron Lung, Sterile Mind, Rut
24 October 2016 (FRESNO, CA) @ collective space w/ Iron Lung, Midwest Moms, GFSP, Chokeslam, Crippld
23 October 2016 (PHOENIX, AZ) @ 51W w/ Iron Lung, Lusitania, Humiliation, Dayak
22 October 2016 (LOS ANGELES, CA) @ The Safari w/ Iron Lung, Lock, Mynx
21 October 2016 (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) @ The Knockout w/ Iron Lung, Mozart

16 October 2016 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Sugar City w/ Cult Leader, Gazm, Basement Rat, Grain Assault

09 September 2016 (BROOKLYN, NY) @ Market Hotel w/ Full Of Hell/The Body, Trenchgrinder, Limbs Bin
08 September 2016 (BOSTON, MA) @ Middle East w/ Full Of Hell/The Body, Empty Vessels, Campaign Committee
04 September 2016 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Sugar City w/ Full Of Hell/The Body, Flesh Trade, Human Dissention, Vile Creature

11 August 2016 (BUFFALO, NY) @ The Lair w/ Intensive Care, God Of Gaps, Flesh Trade

07 March 2016 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Waiting Room w/ Carcass, Blurring

31 October 2015 (BALTIMORE, MD) @ The Sidebar w/ Sun Children Sun, Globsters, The Cabbageheads, Lotus Fucker
30 October 2015 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Sugar City w/ Mellow Harsher, Falter, Prepare For The Mindscan, Love Kanal

24 October 2015 (TORONTO, ON, Canada) Not Dead Yet Fest @ Coalition w/ Vile Intent, Black Iron Prison, Clean, Belt Fight
22 October 2015 (ATHENS, OH) @ Hen House w/ Mellow Harsher, Falter, Phasm, Sardaukar
21 October 2015 (CINCINNATI, OH) @ The Rake’s End w/ Clouded, Choking, Gaping Maw
20 October 2015 (CHAMPAIGN, IL) @ Thee Death Tower w/ Occultonomy, Rotter
19 October 2015 (GALESBURG, IL) @ Revolution Vinyl w/ Baby Alchemy, Gas Up Yr Hearse!
18 October 2015 (MILWAUKEE, WI) @ Bremen Cafe w/ Sick/Tired, Lifes, Marcy
17 October 2015 (MADISON, WI) @ Forbidden Pleasvres w/ Scaphe, Mellow Harsher, Tenement, Falter, Coordinated Suicides
16 October 2015 (CHICAGO, IL) @ Mousetrap w/ Sea of Shit, Mellow Harsher, Cave State, Sick/Tired, Clotting
15 October 2015 (CLEVELAND, OH) @ Now That’s Class w/ Prison Moan, Vanilla Poppers, Nyodene D

30 August 2015 (HAMILTON, ON, Canada) @ The Doors Pub w/ Full Of Hell, Scalp Elevator, Burn Victim, Crotting

31 July 2015 (MONTREAL, QC, Canada) Rrroooaaarrr @ Casa Del Popolo w/ No Faith, Vile Intent, Bleed the Pigs, Pelvic Floor, Uncle

11 July 2015 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Bird Haus w/ Active Minds, Thisclose, Lotus Fucker, Reverie, Basement Rat

14 May 2015 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Sugar City w/ Cages (collaboration), The Body, Full Of Hell, The Flex, Red Death, Black Houses

27 April 2015 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Black Dots w/ Bloody Phoenix

31 March 2015 (BUFFALO, NY) @ The Lair w/ Sete Star Sept, Hades Mining Co, Flesh Trade, Bastardbastardbastard
30 March 2015 (PITTSBURGH, PA) @ Mr. Roboto Project w/ Sete Star Sept, Mere Phantoms, Purge, Fero Lux

8 March 2015 (SAN JOSE, CA) @ San Jose Rock Shop w/ Terveet Kädet, Ausencia, Pig DNA, Meth Sores
7 March 2015 (OAKLAND, CA) Manic Relapse Fest @ Golden Bull w/ Lecherous Gaze, Zoloa, Steel Bearing Hand
6 March 2015 (LOS ANGELES, CA) @ Black Castle w/ Terveet Kädet, Suffering Luna, Damnatösque, Angst
5 March 2015 (LONG BEACH, CA) @ Black Light District w/ Terveet Kädet, Diatribe, Nasa Space Universe, Coltranes
4 March 2015 (LAS VEGAS, NV) @ OMD w/ Terveet Kädet, God’s America, Vihan Rytmi, In Fugue
3 March 2015 (SACRAMENTO, CA) @ Casa De Chaos w/ Terveet Kädet, Rat Damage, Plague Widow
2 March 2015 (PORTLAND, OR) @ Black Water w/ Terveet Kädet, Deathcharge, Terokal
1 March 2015 (SEATTLE, WA) @ Black Lodge w/ Terveet Kädet, Iron Lung, Solutions, Gag
28 February 2015 (VICTORIA, BC, Canada) @ Outer Heaven w/ Six Brew Bantha, Waste Away, Griefer
27 February 2015 (VANCOUVER, BC, Canada) @ Black Lab w/ Six Brew Bantha, Ahna, OSK

22 February 2015 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Black Dots w/ Radiation Blackbody, Steve Baczkowski

17 January 2015 (BUFFALO, NY) Cold Blood @ Polish Library

17 October 2014 (ROCHESTER, NY) @ Monty’s Krown w/ Blurring, Malformed, Bleak

11 October 2014 (PHILADELPHIA, PA) @ Half Moon Lounge w/ D.O.C.
10 October 2014 (RICHMOND, VA) @ Cedar House w/ D.O.C., Unsacred
9 October 2014 (BALTIMORE, MD) @ Dishaus w/ D.O.C., Lotus Fucker, Putrisect, Maloso
8 October 2014 (MONTCLAIR, NJ) @ Meatlocker w/ Ides, Toxicology, Pink Sauce
7 October 2014 (NEW YORK, NY) @ ABC No Rio w/ Radiation Blackbody, Nerve Shatter
5 October 2014 (PROVIDENCE, RI) @ Penny Gaff w/ World Is Shit, Ancient Filth, Feedback Psychosis
4 October 2014 (ALBANY, NY) @ Tree House w/ Sick Mind
3 October 2014 (HOLYOKE, MA) @ Row Haus w/ Ya Te Veo, Chemiplastica, Stress Position

5 September 2014 (BUFFALO, NY) @ American Legion w/ Dead Unicorn, Cruelster, Johns, Male Patterns

31 August 2014 (TORONTO, ON, Canada) @ Smiling Buddha w/ Column of Heaven, Moon Hag, Antibody

28 August 2014 (BUFFALO, NY) @ The Lair w/ Arbor, Vow of Thorns, Enthauptung

17 May 2014 (STOCKHOLM, Sweden) @ Collective w/ Utbrott
16 May 2014 (GÖTEBORG, Sweden) @ 128:A w/ Utbrott, Tsars
15 May 2014 (UPPSALA, Sweden) @ Ungdomenshus w/ Utbrott
14 May 2014 (UMEÅ, Sweden) @ Verket w/ Utbrott, Nedslagsplats, Umeå Indiekör
13 May 2014 (LULEÅ, Sweden) @ Föreningsgatan 7 w/ Utbrott
11 May 2014 (OULU, Finland) @ Pikku Berliini w/ Arson Under The Sea, Vene
10 May 2014 (TAMPERE, Finland) @ Vastavirta w/ Kohu-63, Stolen Kidneys, Jätä Jämät
9 May 2014 (JYVÄSKYLÄ, Finland) Kevätkarkelot @ Ilokivi w/ Juggling Jugulars, Oheisvasara, Aortaorta, Houre
8 May 2014 (HELSINKI, Finland) @ Lepakkomies w/ Instinct of Survival, Kohti Tuhoa
7 May 2014 (TURKU, Finland) @ Rekisteri w/ Umpio, Yleislakko, Anal Barbara
6 May 2014 (TALLINN, Estonia) @ Sotsiaalkeskus Ülase 12 w/ False Pregnancy, Bitch Fight
4 May 2014 (REYKJAVIK, Iceland) @ Paloma w/ Muck, In The Company Of Men, Mannvirki

24 April 2014 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Ocean Garden Oriental Foods w/ Full of Hell, Column of Heaven, Nyodene D, Crowhurst

16 January 2014 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Polish Library w/ Sokea Piste, Resist Control, Johns, Bad People

1 November 2013 (ROCHESTER, NY) @ Bug Jar w/ UV Rays, Pink Elephant

26 October 2013 (MEDINA, NY) @ Boiler 54 w/ Cages, Cross Stitch, The Capitals

12 October 2013 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Amherst St. Metro Station

6 August 2013 (ROCHESTER, NY) @ Bug Jar w/ Tragedy, Water Torture, Green Dreams, Sunk

4 August 2013 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Polish Library w/ Sea of Shit, Sick/Tired, Water Torture, Victim of Circumstance, Swallowing Bile

22 May 2013 (JAMESTOWN, NY) @ Suburban Blend w/ Ambassador Gun, Mere Phantoms, Victim of Circumstance

12 May 2013 (TORONTO, ON, Canada) @ Soybomb w/ Despise You, Vile Intent, Abyss

7 April 2013 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Funeral Home w/ Iron Lung, Masakari, Victim of Circumstance

9 February 2013 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Funeral Home w/ Seplophile, Weaponex

28 December 2012 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Polish Library w/ Abusing The Word, Water Torture, Human Touch

10 November 2012 (TORONTO, ON, Canada) Not Dead Yet Fest @ Hard Luck w/ Iron Lung, Vaccine, Column of Heaven, Vile Intent, Purity Control, Snakecharmer

3 November 2012 (BUFFALO, NY) Buffalo Decency Rally @ Polish Library

11 June 2012 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Broadway Joe’s w/ Shaved Women, Crue Pie, Lewd Dewdz
9 June 2012 (LIMA, OH) @ Leathershop w/ Pizzahifive, Accidental Homicide
8 June 2012 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) @ Nick’s Place w/ Poison Planet, Sectarian Violence, Side FX, Chaotic Neutral
6 June 2012 (NASHVILLE, TN) @ Cafe CoCo w/ Guide, Haldol
4 June 2012 (NEW ORLEANS, LA) @ Siberia w/ Double Negative, Crazy Spirit, Impressionable Youth
3 June 2012 (AUSTIN, TX) Chaos In Tejas @ Beerland w/ Hatred Surge, Agents of Abhorrence, Dead End Path, Creem, Love Below
2 June 2012 (AUSTIN, TX) Chaos In Tejas @ Beerland w/ Toxic Holocaust, Midnight, Power Trip, Stick Together
31 May 2012 (AUSTIN, TX) Chaos In Tejas @ Red 7 w/ Nasum, No Statik, Whitehorse, Phobia, Innumerable Forms, Mass Grave
30 May 2012 (DENTON, TX) @ Rubber Gloves w/ Toys That Kill, Joyce Manor, Culo, Koward
29 May 2012 (TULSA, OK) @ Crystal Pistol w/ Common Fears, Constant Peril
27 May 2012 (ST. LOUIS, MO) @ Bad Dog Bar w/ Shaved Women, Overdoser, Maximum Effort
26 May 2012 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Punks Don’t Give a Fest @ Hoosier Dome
25 May 2012 (PITTSBURGH, PA) @ Roboto Project w/ Anthophobic
24 May (OLEAN, NY) @ Garage w/ Ronald Raygun, Han and the Solos

29 April 2012 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Mohawk Place w/ River of Ichthyosis

26 February 2012 (TORONTO, ON, Canada) @ Siesta Nouveau w/ Vile Intent, Column of Heaven, Farang

8 February 2012 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Club Infinity w/ Lock Up, Goatwhore, Strong Intention, Hubris

12 November 2011 (BUFFALO, NY) Buffalo Decency Rally @ Dnipro Hall

30 October 2011 (ALBANY, NY) @ Valentine’s w/ Coughing Fit, Neutron Rats
29 October 2011 (BROOKLYN, NY) @ Acheron w/ Warcry, Ripper, Trenchgrinder, Dead Reich
28 October 2011 (WASHINGTON, DC) @ St. Stephen’s Church w/ Defeatist, Deathrats, Lotus Fucker, Lapse
27 October 2011 (PHILADELPHIA, PA) @ Cloud City w/ Defeatist, Nightfall, Backslider
26 October 2011 (MONTCLAIR, NJ) @ Meatlocker w/ Bible Thumper, Russell, Sonofabitch, Ides, Traumatic Insemination
24 October 2011 (WILLIMANTIC, CT) @ Handsome Woman w/ Brava Spectre, Bookslave, Gowl
22 October 2011 (BOSTON, MA) @ Starlab w/ Boilerman, Dead Uncles, Casanovas in Heat, Peeple Watchin
21 October 2011 (SYRACUSE, NY) @ Badlands w/ Brown Sugar, White Guilt, Herpes
20 October 2011 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Funeral Home w/ Seplophile, Hunted Down, Used Meat

21 May 2011 (MADISON, WI) @ Subvert City w/ SFN, Disrobe, Burning Sons
20 May 2011 (MILWAUKEE, WI) @ Cactus Club w/ Northless, United Sons of Toil, Lord Brain
18 May 2011 (BLOOMINGTON, IN) @ The Bishop w/ Rat Storm, Still, Step Dads
17 May 2011 (DAYTON, OH) @ Gates of Hell w/ Couple Skate, Chronic Demise
16 May 2011 (COLUMBUS, OH) @ Skylab w/ Mike Shiflet, Drug Money, Biff Boff Barf, Fratricide
15 May 2011 (CLEVELAND, OH) @ Now That’s Class w/ Oil Tanker, Wrathcobra, Lucha Eterna, Not My Problem
14 May 2011 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Polish Library w/ Solutions, Resist Control, Black Bloc, Sonorous Gale, Hoglust

8 January 2011 (TORONTO, ON, Canada) @ Hard Luck Bar w/ Iron Lung, Slaughter Strike, Purity Control

24 April 2010 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Funeral Home w/ Brain Handle, Black Wine, Fucking Hotlights

2 November 2009 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Funeral Home w/ Iron Lung, Resist Control, Inerds

3 July 2009 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Argyle w/ Sonorous Gale, Pacing

3 January 2009 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Polish Library w/ Coworkers, Into Ruin, Auger, Sink Battleship Sink

6 December 2008 (BUFFALO, NY) @ Argyle w/ Homostupids, Plates, Brown Sugar, Bad Face


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