April 24th.

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2014-04-24 buffalo
With Full Of Hell, Column Of Heaven, Nyodene D, Crowhurst, MPHIAT.

Spring News.

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Gas Chamber will tour Iceland, Estonia, Finland and Sweden during the month of May 2014. Finnish dates are with AORTAORTA and Swedish dates are with UTBROTT.

May 4- Reykjavik, Iceland

May 6- Tallinn, Estonia

May 7- Turku, Finland

May 8- Helsinki, Finland

May 9- Jyväskylä, Finland

May 10- Tampere, Finland

May 11- Oulu, Finland

May 13- Luleå, Sweden

May 14- Umeå, Sweden

May 15- Uppsala, Sweden

May 16- Göteborg,Sweden

May 17- Stockholm, Sweden

In 2014, there are three new releases planned.  Hemorrhaging Light LP (first press includes additional flexi 7″) on Iron Lung.  This will be the first Gas Chamber record demonstrating the group which has been consistent in live performances since 2011. Kairos Will Erase full-length pro-dubbed cassette of new and previously released materials on Peterwalkee.  Split 7″ with COLUMN OF HEAVEN on Diseased Audio.


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Gas Chamber recently finished recording about 35-40 minutes of music at GCR Audio in Buffalo, with our chief engineer John Angelo. It is currently being mixed. There will be an LP released from this.


subway 1
From Amherst St. subway station.
Photographer unknown.

Sokea Piste.

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sokea piste
We will perform on January 16th at the Polish Library in Buffalo with Sokea Piste (Finland- member Kyklooppien Sukupuutto), Resist Control and Johns.

Ride The Metro.

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2013-10-12 buffalo As a component of the Ride The Metro Round And Round event sponsored by University at Buffalo Art Galleries and Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority, and curated by Sugar City, GAS CHAMBER will perform inside the Amherst St. subway station, working with an eight member lineup of diverse musicians.

Upcoming gigs w/ Tragedy, Sea of Shit, Sick/Tired.

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2013-08-04 buffaloAugust 4th (Buffalo) w/ SEA OF SHIT, SICK/TIRED, WATER TORTURE, SWALLOWING BILE @ Polish Library.

August 6th (Rochester) w/ TRAGEDY, GREEN DREAMS @ Bug Jar.

Iron Lung Mixtape II.

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Gas Chamber has new material out which can be heard on the IRON LUNG MIXTAPE vol. II. A few copies of this cassette will be available from us in person at our next live performance.
Listen here:




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